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2021: work in progress

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Throughout the past seven months we have had the added commitment of being in permanent contact with our partners, clients and suppliers. Our worries and concerns are common to all. But I recognize myself in the resilience, the ability of reinvention, improvisation and adjustment that we Portuguese - and the tourism sector in particular - have.

Allow me to share this reflection: along these past months, 99% of our clients did not even question what our safety measures were regarding COVID-19. This is clearly sign of reliability and trust consideration towards us and the immense willingness (in a conscious way) to travel again. We anxiously await for travel procedure and policy reestablishment and for universal and uniformed rules for who ever travels not only from Europe but from the rest of the world to Portugal.

At 100rumos we are preparing the new season! New services, new destinations, the same quality and responsibility standards for those who choose us. The 100rumos website will be more interactive, more functional and closer to our clients’ needs. We are working on itineraries and online guides so that our client can continue to be guided by us even when traveling by their own means.

We are also developing a faster and improved response and performance for disruptions, not only by air - which we already work on - but also by sea and land.

At OvO, our worldwide transfers platform, we will increase our offer of 70 to 100 destinations.

We are active, full of work to do with new ideas and eager to continue to innovate and be the most trusted brand in Portugal.

I wish everyone health and courage.

Update July

Thursday, July 16, 2020

120 days have gone by. They have allowed to reflect, restructure and relearn how to wait.
The aviation industry in Portugal, to this day, has only reestablished 25% of its routes compared to before the pandemic. Most of the routes are ethnic. International tourism, with which we work, is resuming very slowly due to the constraints imposed by many countries. How people will travel in the near future is still uncertain.

We maintain a strong concern in our social responsibility in the Covid-19 era: complying with the law. Complying with all security and hygiene requirements. For our safety and the safety of our passengers.

While witnessing a slow upturn, the parallel market - which does not follow the law therefore without costs or commitments - is gaining ground. Lowering prices must not be the strategy taken. Undeclared commissions must be audited and heavily punished.

Fair and reasonable prices considering the new costs undertaken should be the practice.
I therefore appeal to the partners that work with 100rumos - don’t be conniving with unlawfulness. Let us be supportive of one another and we can at least achieve survival.

Portugal awaits for you. 100rumos awaits you.

Update June

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Portuguese have proven to be exemplary in the way we dealt with COVID-19 pandemic. Currently we have around 250 new cases daily, most in the Metropolitan Region of Lisbon which has about 3 million inhabitants.

With all the safety and hygiene measures that we have implemented, we are pleased to announce the return of our shared door-to-door shuttle service, starting June 15th. This service we offer in Porto, Lisbon and Madeira, will be available for booking on our webpage.

Despite our vehicle capacity being reduced (as a guarantee of safety and distance between passengers), we will maintain the same rates.

For special partner rates, please contact us at customercare@100rumos.com.

Operating since 2012, we carried more than 300 000 passengers in shared transportation mode. Book yours now!

May Update

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dear partners, dear clients,

In the beginning of the month of may, the state of emergency in Portugal will be lifted. With this, the government intends that companies as well as population, resume their social and economic life so we can gradually return to “normal".
Assuring social distance between drivers and passengers, certifying our vehicles disinfection before each service and protecting our drivers with masks, are the main measures we’ll implement as our activity returns.
To guarantee the distance between drivers and passengers, we have defined that all transfers and tours will be operated in 8 seater vans, but limited to 4 passengers each.
We will assume the operational cost of these limitations:

- Requests from 1 to 4 pax: we’ll operate in 1 van with the capacity for 8 passengers - the rate for 1 sedan will apply
- Requests from 5 to 7 pax: we’ll operate in 2 vans, with the capacity of 8 passengers each - the rate for 1 van will apply

These measures apply to bookings in Porto, Lisbon, Funchal, Faro and Ponta Delgada. For other destinations, current rates apply considering we’ll only operate in 8 seater vans, limited to 4 passengers each.

- For group requests that involve passenger transportation by bus: will be reviewed case by case ensuring that we can grant the recommended distance between passengers.
- For meeting, events, leisure or business activities, our proposal will always contemplate safety, distance and hygiene measures applied.

We are confident that you’ll recognize the huge effort we are committing to in order to ensure that traveling will not be a concern nor haunted by fear. Traveling should be about recording good memories, relaxation, laughter and desire to repeat Portugal. With these measures, we want you to know that we care about the quality and safety of the services we provide to our clients.
Wishing a speedy return to normal.

April Update

Sunday, April 19, 2020

A month has gone by since we were forced to stay home. Since then, a turmoil of events and decisions had to be made.
We have had hundreds of cancellations, dozens of projects that didn’t materialize, groups that cancelled their trips, weddings postponed, tour operators that suspended their operations in Portugal. We keep in touch with clients and partners, with whom we are concerned to ensure that everyone is in good health and taking the necessary steps to get back to their daily routines as soon as possible.

I take this opportunity to let you know what we are doing. 100rumos team is at home, working very short hours, focused on the family, taking care of children, parents, grandparents and themselves.

Surely you have spoken (or written) to Max: Max has a son, Gabriel, who he takes care of and plays with everyday; Rafael is helping his mother at the small grocery store they have just under their house; Cátia is helping her grandmother who is already a senior and needs all the support; Carvalho is dedicated to do-it-yourself activities and poetry; Patricia still has her sweet tooth and tries to stay in shape with at home workouts; Lillian takes care of her little girls Benedita and Maria João; André and Luciana, who are part of our team in Lisbon, are each in their homes with their families managing the time for all this to pass and Luana, our youngest and dearest intern, was forced to interrupt her training with 100rumos. She is waiting to be able to return to France, where she has her family.

And I, also, am at home, doing what I love the most - cooking, catching up on music and planning strategies for 100rumos to continue to be your company of reference on your next visit to Portugal.

Although we are all busy taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, every day the team meets virtually and determines the future actions that each one will take in order to be stronger and better prepared to take care of your trip when you visit our destination.
We, just like you, have stopped. But destination Portugal is still here and will continue to await you. Stay at home. We shall overcome this.

Message from CEO